Rental conditions for Campen Camping

1. Rental Confirmation
Samsø Sommerhusudlejning ApS (hereinafter referred to as Samsø Sommerhus) owns the accommodations available at the campground, but they are owned by a third party and operated by a third party. Samsø Sommerhus facilitates the agreement between the renter and the owner.

The rental agreement includes either a cabin, a stationary caravan or a designated space for a privately owned caravan, camper or tent, as described on the website.

There must not be more overnight guests at the campground than stated in the rental agreement. Pets are only allowed if specified in the rental confirmation and must be kept on a leash at the site.

2. Payment Terms
The reservation of a designated space, cabin or stationary caravan is binding immediately. Samsø Sommerhus sends a confirmation and rental confirmation to the renter.

  • The first installment of 25% of the rent, plus an administration fee, is due for payment within 14 days after booking
  • The second installment of 75% is due no later than 60 days before arrival.

For bookings made less than 60 days before the start of the rental period, the full amount, including the administration fee, is due upon receipt of the rental confirmation.

All prices exclude electricity, heating, and water. These services are billed separately upon departure.
Samsø Sommerhus reserves the right to make price changes based on changes in consumer prices.

Failure to comply with the payment terms is considered a breach of contract, which gives Samsø Sommerhus the right to terminate the rental agreement. However, this does not exempt the renter from the obligation to pay the rent, which is governed by the cancellation policy (see section 11).

3. Administration Fee
An administration fee of 18,-€ is added to the contract.

4. Arrival/Departure
Cabin and stationary caravans are available from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 AM on the day of departure.

Keys can be collected at Samsø Sommerhusudlejning, Østergade 25, 8305 Samsø.

After 2:00 PM, you are welcome to inquire if the cabin or stationary caravan is ready.
If you arrive later than 5:00 PM, please contact us at +45 29401073.

On the day of departure, the key must be returned, along with payment for consumption and any final cleaning, at the office located at Østergade 25, 8305 Samsø (remember to pre-order final cleaning, if desired, at least 4 days before departure).

4.1 Bringing your own caravan, camper or tent
The designated space will be ready at 2:00 PM on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 11:00 AM on the day of departure. The reservation number must be presented at Samsø Sommerhusudlejning, Østergade 25, 8305 Samsø.

You will be given a map of the area with a marking for the reserved space. Afterward, you are welcome to drive to Campen Campingplads.
Campen Camping, Vestermarksvej 72, 8305 Samsø.

On the day of departure, the consumption will be settled at the office of Samsø Sommerhusudlejning, Østergade 25, 8305 Samsø.

5. Insects
The lessor assumes no responsibility for the presence of insects (ants, earwigs, etc.) in cabins, rental caravans, or common areas.

6. Shared Facilities
Common kitchen, toilets, shower facilities, grills, and bathing jetty are available. Please leave them tidy and clean after use. The clubhouse is not part of the common areas but can be booked for events such as parties, courses, team-building, etc.

7. Liability
The lessor assumes no responsibility for sudden damages but will ensure that the damage is repaired as soon as possible.

8. Damage caused by the renter
The renter is responsible for the rented accommodation and shared areas provided and is liable for any damages caused by the renter to the designated space, cabin, rental caravan, or common areas during the rental period. If damages occur, they must be reported to Samsø Sommerhus immediately.

9. Parking
Each reservation is allowed to park one car at the designated parking space near the cabin, rental caravan, or designated space.
If there are multiple cars, please use the parking area near the common areas.

10. Cleaning of cabins and rental caravans
The renter is obligated to keep the accommodation clean and must leave it tidy and cleaned at the end of the stay. Any missing cleaning will be performed at the renter's expense. The cleaning fee is specified for each unit on the website. If cleaning has been arranged, the renter must still put things back in place before leaving on the day of departure. Furniture must be returned to their original positions if moved.

10.1 Designated space for own caravan, camper or tent
Regardless of whether it is a designated space for a caravan or tent, the space must be cleared of any waste upon departure.

11. Cancellation
In case of cancellation of the rental agreement up to 60 days before the arrival date, a fee of 25% of the rent, with a minimum of DKK 730, will be charged. Between 1-59 days before the start of the vacation, the rental agreement cannot be canceled, and the renter is obligated to pay the full rent to Samsø Sommerhus.

12. Force Majeure
If Samsø Sommerhus is prevented from providing the designated space, cabin, or rental caravan due to circumstances that can be considered as force majeure or similar conditions that were unknown at the time of the rental agreement, Samsø Sommerhus may choose to cancel the booked vacation and provide the renter with a credit note for the paid rental amount.

The credit note must be used within 12 months after the planned vacation period, and only when the force majeure circumstances no longer exist. It can only be used for payment towards a new vacation with Samsø Sommerhus.

13. Privacy Policy
Read more here.

14. Miscellaneous
For more information related to the rental agreement, please refer to the practical information section on our website. You are also referred to the campground's rules and regulations.

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