About the area

The island's southernmost campsite is beautifully situated with a sumptuous sea view to the west. In the distance you can see Endelave and Horsens Fjord, while to the north you can see all the way to Århus.

The site is very peaceful and cosy, and there is plenty of space for the individual camper. There is also the possibility to gather in a group, if you are, for example, a group on a joint trip. There is a tradition of choosing the site here for car meets, golf trips or in connection with course activities.
The square has its own jetty and is famous for its wonderful sunsets.

There are good fishing conditions off the site. Both herring and trout are fished, and in season there are hornfish and lobsters in the clean water.

The site has a large common house with all kitchen facilities as well as gender-separated bathrooms and toilets.
Beautiful areas with tables and benches.

Own bathing bridge


Kolby Kås is a former ferry port, where enterprising citizens are now raising funds for the construction of a harbor bath. There is an old ferry inn where, among other things, can get the island's best smørrebrød, and there is a bus stop 50 meters from the square.

In a radius of a few km from the square, you will find an organic farm with a nursery, where you can also order your Christmas ducks. To the north, the fine bathing hotel at Ilse Made's source, in Kolby there are both the Samsø Technical Museum and the Vesborg Lighthouse.

It is less than 5 km to the island's main town, Tranebjerg, with lots of shopping opportunities, cafes and restaurants.