Kolby is a small peaceful village located in the southwest of the island and only 5 km from the main town Tranebjerg. The town's church is a large medieval church, but there are also other experiences in the area. Visit the beautiful Kolby Mølle and Vesborg Lighthouse, where you can enjoy the fantastic views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Or take the long walk around Brattingsborg Manor, the castle garden, and the forest.

Kolby Kås Harbor is only 2 km away and is the perfect place for a swim or to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Permelille with the island's huge farm shop is also only 2 km away. For families, we recommend a visit to the smallholding Fredensdal - a living museum from the 1940s with old breeds of farm animals. A visit to the Falconry Center near Permelille is a fantastic experience for both adults and children. Their bird shows are captivating, and you can take photos while carrying one of the giant birds on your arm.

Samsø Holiday and Camping Center in Kolby has creatively converted a former silo into a swimming pool. Indoors, you will find the island's only bowling alley, and there are also plenty of outdoor activities.