Ballen is located on the southeastern side of Samsø. It is the island's largest marina, and there is plenty of activity all summer long. Sailors get power from renewable energy systems, and the town is teeming with culinary offerings. There is a well-stocked grocery store in the middle of town, and the popular Italian ice cream from Casa Tua in Nordby now has a branch in the former restaurant SAK.

There are many charming shops and cafes in Ballen, and children will love catching crabs in the harbor basin or bathing from the beautiful, shallow beach south of the harbor.

Samsø Festival - Denmark's coziest - sets the tone for the area in week 29, but the venue is a few kilometers away. The famous Energy Academy is also located in Ballen, and there is family entertainment in the form of park golf, among other things.

The ferry terminal for the Zealand ferry is located about 2 km south of town. The island's famous 18-hole golf course is located a little further north past Langemark and Besser Church. The course is both very beautiful and has a nearly developed environmentally sustainable operation.